Tuesday, February 10, 2009

Babies, babies, babies!

In addition to the three does currently on litters, Silver kindled to a litter of six a few days ago :) All are agoutis, mostly chesnuts with a few opals! The sire is Cody, so I'm really excited for this cross since his last kits were very nice.

Pudge will be leaving in a few days to go back with her original breeder, Amber of Wonder Woolies Rabbitry. She will be missed, but I'm glad to know that Amber will take great care of her :)

Speaking of Pudge, her kits are looking very promising. She has a CUTE buck, along with several nice does. The buck is spoken for to a local youth, I will be keeping two does, and the other two does are pending to Mary. I don't know which doe I want to keep. The VM and the bigger VC are both really nice. I'm going to get some second opinions at a show before I decide.

I won't be able to blog very frequently from now on, since I really have to get ready for my SAT and studying for my AP Exams. Ack!