Friday, September 18, 2009

Gearing up for Convention!

Convention is definitely upon us with entries closing in the next few weeks! Right now, my entries are up in the air...hoping to have 5-6 really nice ones to show.

My next show is Hanford on the 3rd. I am planning on showing two Jersey Woolies and maybe two or three Mini Lops. The fair is also approaching with exceding speed, I think check in is next Friday. I only entered two Mini Lops and an educational poster.

School has been hectic, but not overwhelming. I was elected President of the Interact Club, Captain of my Academic Decathlon team, and Treasurer of the Key Club. That's all I really wanted, so I'm pleased. :) College applications come right after Convention, so I will be busy for the next few months.

Hope all of my readers are well! I've missed these lack of shows (and bunny babies)

- Michael