Tuesday, June 26, 2007

Morning Mist's Babies

Here's a picture of them at 5 days old. They are all very plump and healthy, mommy is doing a great job with her first litter =) I got all the colors figured out, and I am *very* excited with some of these colors! I have two chesnuts, a chinchilla, a chocolate chinchilla, an opal, and a lynx =). So, quite an assortment of colors to choose from. My favorite, color wise, is the chocolate chinchilla. It's color already is so stunning! Most people mistake chocolate chinchillas for sable chinchillas, and it does get rather frustrating when someone tries to sell a sable chin as a chocolate chin.

Just got an email from Teri today. She said she got my bunnies just fine! That is such a relief =). Unfortunately her van broke down so I will have to wait until this weekend or next Tuesday until I get them. I am a little disappointed about it, but I'm glad that they got down here to CA easily and safely.
~ Michael Perez
Silent Springs Rabbitry

Saturday, June 23, 2007

New Bunnies!

Since Nicole Velotta of Vellota's Rabbitry in WA is leaving for Vet School (Congrats again Nicole!) she is having a big herd reduction. Since I was wanting some more of Nicole's stock I decided to give her an email to see what she had available. After looking at several bunnies, we decided on two that would fit perfectly for the needs of my herd. I will be getting one junior doe and one junior buck, but some more info on them later on in this post ;-P. Teri Reymann will be transporting again for me. Thanks again Teri! This will be her 3rd time for Teri to get some of the great Northwest Mini Lops down here to CA for me =). She is such a professional transporter, it is a pleasure doing business with her. I will be picking them up from Teri on the 27th of this month! That's just next week, I'm sooo excited =D

Anyway, let's talk about the bunnies!

First is Velotta's VERW5, a broken opal junior buck. A name is coming soon for him, I just need to get to know him first ;). He's out of Velotta's Waltor, RGC, 10 Legs, and Velotta's Renee, RGC, 4 Legs. Waltor was the 4th SSB following the '06 ML Nationals and was the 22nd SSB at the '06 ARBA Convention. Renee was the 6th BJD at the '06 ARBA Convention! So, he's got some great animals behind him in additional to his gorgeous body =D

Second is Velotta's Sparkling Silver, a solid chinchilla junior doe. She's out of Velotta's Adson, RGC, 12 Legs, and Velotta's Chloe, R. Adson was the 15th BJB at the '04 ARBA Convention. She is very promising and carries dilute so she should help me quite a bit! I'm excited to show both of these cuties during the fall show season =)
~ Michael Perez
Silents Springs Rabbitry

Friday, June 22, 2007

Hello! New Blog!

Hey everyone!
I have decided to add a blog to my website! It's main purpose will to be announce new litter anouncements, show winnings, or just anything new happening with my rabbitry. I am going to try to keep this thing updated as much as possible, I will try to get a new blog at least once a week or so ;)

We had one litter born at our rabbitry and one litter born at another breeder's place as a Coop breeding within the past few days. The doe from the Coop breeding kindled on 6/20/07. The dam is Baker's Diva (opal, 1 Leg) and the sire is Velotta's Raymond (broken opal, RGC, 6 Legs) Our doe here kindled on 6/21/07 to 6 healthy kits. There are three black agoutis, one chocolate agouti, one blue agouti, and one lilac agouti! The dam is SSR's Morning Mist (chinchilla) and the sire is SSR's Sundance Kid (opal, R, 3 Legs) We are very excited about both of these litters!!!

On 6/27 we are picking up two new rabbits from Velotta's Rabbitry! One is a chinchilla junior doe out of Velotta's Chloe(chinchilla) and Velotta's Adson (broken opal, RGC, 12 Legs) The other is a broken opal junior buck out of Velotta's Renee (broken steel, RGC, 4 Legs) and Velotta's Waltor (chinchilla, RGC, 10 Legs) I will post pictures on my site when they arrive!

Until next time. . . .

~ Michael Perez
Silent Springs Rabbitry