Sunday, March 30, 2008

Cinnamon Kindled!

On March 27th Cinnamon gave birth to 8 (1 DOA) babies! She was bred to RGC SSR's Sundance Kid again, since I was so impressed with their first litter. Instead of chesnuts like last litter, I got some COLOR!

Here's what Cinnamon had :) ~

* 2 Lilac Agoutis
* 1 Chocolate Agouti
* 1 Blue Agouti
* 1 Blue
* 2 Broken Blue Agoutis

I am very excited for this litter and can't wait to watch them develop :-)

Silent Springs Rabbitry
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Friday, March 28, 2008

Registrar's Test

I have survived! lol.

Okay, so where to begin? Let's start with me leaving. I get all my stuff ready and head out to Armando's at 5:30 with my dad. While he's driving, I'm going insane and flipping at random pages of the SOP, trying to remember color DQ's especially, as well as all the other DQ's I have to remember. After what only seems like, 10 minutes, I arrive at Armando's at 6:00. I say hi and he goes over the test with me for a few minutes, just telling me what I have to do on each page. Then he leaves to go eat dinner while I take the test. As I get a quick preview of the questions I realize there are no fill in the blanks! Yea! I knew there was a possibility I wouldn't get FItB's but I was really happy I didn't :-) Most of the questions were pretty much common-sense (at least to me! lol) and I finished in around 30 minutes. I really finished in about 20, but spent a few reviewing my questions. Out of 100, I wasn't sure about 10 of them.

After I am done with the written, I go out to Armando's garage with him to go do the oral part of the test. Before we get in there he gives me an apron of his (which I need to buy one lol) While he's "cleaning up" I am looking at his cuttteeeee baby cavies! His brokens are adorable! Anyway, we start with some general colors. He puts out some brokens, a few castors, and several different otters. I also got a few Mini Satins. As he got each one out I typed his and gave critiques, as well as checking for DQ's. Out of the 8ish I checked, 2 had DQ's. One was a broken opal with no blue undercolor and the other was a Himi Mini Satin (non-recognized) He then asked me some registration questions and what was needed when registering. Finally, the part I feared! Tatooing! He picked this grouchy castor buck that scratched the crap out of me. Revenge It wasn't actually that bad! I then talked with him about who he thinks I should work under and I left :-)

So, I know I passed the oral and am pretty sure about the written! I am EXCITED! Hopefully, I can start working with juges in 2 weeks

Silent Springs Rabbitry
"Where Quality Comes in Color"

Sunday, March 23, 2008

Mini Lops For Sale

All will be available at the 4/12 Paso Robles Show. Email me @ for pictures and information :-)

Velotta's Nick, Registered
Broken Opal Senior
BuckSire:Velotta's Waltor, RGC, 10 Legs, 22/88 '06 ARBA Convention
Dam:Velotta's Renee, RGC, 4 Legs, 6/77 '06 ARBA Convention
Brood Quality
He's out produced himself with his first litter! I need to get some pictures of his replacement, because he's awesome. He lacks depth, but when bred to a deep doe he throws depth! Outcrosses very well. Holds excellent condition and fur, it's probably the best of all my bunnies. So thick and dense! Lovely. Would make a GREAT match with Starlight, the doe below

Milkhouse's Starlight, Registered, 2 Legs
Blue Steel Senior Doe
Sire:DeSurra's Brat
Dam:Milkhouse's ____, 1 Leg
Show/Brood Quality
Super body. Depth and width to spare. She's got some length to her shoulder, but that's it. She's a lovely example of her breed. Doesn't mesh well with my lines, or else I'd keep her. She has so many second places, it's crazy. Probably 5-7 of them

All of the following juniors are out of Velotta's Nick, Registered and Milkhouse's Dusty, Registered, 1 Leg.

Silent Spring's SND2
Broken Opal Junior Buck
Show/Brood/4H Quality

Silent Spring's SND3
Broken Opal Junior Buck
Brood/4H Quality

Silent Spring's SND4
Broken Opal Junior Doe
Show/Brood/4H Quality

Silent Spring's SND5
Broken Opal Junior Buck
Brood/4H Quality

Silent Springs Rabbitry
"Where Quality Comes in Color"

Thursday, March 13, 2008

Registrar's Application

I sent off my registrar's application today :-) I'm hoping to take the test during Spring Back, if they are snappy with getting back to me lol.

Wish me luck! :-)

Silent Springs Rabbitry
"Where Quality Comes in Color"

Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Tulare Show Results

I said I would tell you all my results, so here they are :-)

I'm only going to place decent results =P most of my bunnies did really well, except for my SSD's, but there was a huge class of 16 of them!

Saturday -

Show A - Mini Lops - 54

SSR's Sundance Kid - SSB - 3/10
Kitsemble's Sidney - 2/9
SSR's Cody - 1/3

Show B - Mini Lops - 54

Totally sucked lol.


Show A - Mini Lops - 27

Kitsemble's Sidney - 1/7, BOV, BOSB *LEG*
SSR's Cody - 1/3, BOSV *LEG*

Show B - Mini Lops - 27
SSR's Sundance Kid - 2/4
Kitsemble's Sidney - 3/7
SSR's Cody - 1/3

Cody was a HUGE hit! He was looking super nice. I also got all my siggies for my registrar's application and am sending it off tomorrow!It was a great weekend! I registered a few, granded Sidney, and got my first leg on Cody! I also bred Truffle, my broken chocolate doe, to my friend Qadoshyah's buck, Hoppin's Daquiri.

I'm still deciding which my next show will be. Either Fresno or Paso Robles. I will go to Fresno if I can start working for my registrar's license by then, but if not I don't think I'll go.

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"Where Quality Comes in Color"

Tuesday, March 11, 2008

Computer Problems

My computer is acting up so I will not be able to update my website for a while. Hopefully it'll be fixed in a few weeks time. My email is still working, so give me an email if you want to know what I've got for sale - my current sales list is outdated currently.

I'll post Tulare Results tomorrow :-)

Silent Springs Rabbitry
"Where Quality Comes in Color"