Monday, July 19, 2010

Summer Cleaning

I had planned on getting up early yesterday to clean the rabbitry, since it was in desperate need of some cleaning. With summer comes molts, which leads to tons of hair stuck to the cages. That added with hard water buildup is no bueno. Unfortunately, I slept in too late so I didn't get a chance to get out there when the weather was still bearable.

So, I decided I would do the cleaning at night. I actually prefer that so that I don't have to get burned by the sun, haha. Anyway, I started at 8 and between cleaning cages, trays, washing all my crocks and water bottles, brushing bunnies, and other various things I didn't finish until after midnight! It was really dark so I really didn't get to fully appreciate my hard work until this morning, and I was really pleased with how good everything looked! Hopefully I won't have to clean cages again until the fall. :)

As I was cleaning I finally got the time to go over some of my juniors and let me tell you, I'm really excited with what I'm seeing in my current batch of babies! They have the compactness that I've been breeding for and have been getting that nice solid HQ I've always wanted. I can't wait to see them go out in the fall!

I still have two junior bucks still available. They are both nice and should make nice 4H/Show animals. You can check them out on the For Sale page of my website.

I will finally be taking some nice pictures for my website in the next few days....I know, about time! Once I take them and get them upload to the computer I'll be sure to post them on the website and the blog. :)

- Michael

Friday, July 9, 2010

Update on the Rabbitry

The rabbits are doing well with the summer heat and my herd reduction is moving along nicely. All of my Jersey Woolies are spoken for and will be leaving next Friday, so that will clear out five cages which is amazing! I will be keeping three Woolies - 1 Buck, 1 Doe, and 1 Jr (sex unknown right now). They are all dilutes so I guess I'm working with just dilutes now! Oh well, they're really pretty colors (Blues, Blue Otters, and Brokens, my favorite!).

I still have two nice junior Mini Lops available, and that's all I'll have available for a while. They are nice bucks, go check them out on my For Sale page. I will be keeping 5 Mini Lops - a Sr Buck, two Sr Does, a Jr Buck, and a Jr Doe. I really love ALL of them, I'm really excited to see the juniors before! I got a lot of Chinchillas with my Spring litters, so I'm excited to have that color back in my barn again since Chinchillas are a favorite of mine.

I won't be attending many shows, if at all, for the rest of the year. I start college next month and I'm sure I'll be kept quite busy but I hope to apply for my judge's license next month as well. EEEK!

Well, that's all for now! I'll try to post a few new blogs before I leave for school.

- Michael

Saturday, May 15, 2010

Jersey Wooly Babies

Blue Otter Doe #1
Blue Otter Doe #2
Blue Otter Doe #3
Broken Black Otter Buck
Group Shot!

Here are pictures of the older of my two Jersey Wooly litters. Like the Mini Lops, they are a little over four weeks right now. If you are interested in one of these babies, please don't hesitate to email me at

- Michael

Mini Lops babies

Broken Chestnut Doe
Chestnut Buck
Broken Chestnut Doe
Broken Chinchilla Doe
Chinchilla Buck
Broken Chestnut Doe

I *think* I have the sexes right, but I could be wrong! haha. They are just over 4 weeks old right now. All of these babies are looking really promising, I can't wait to watch them develop! :) If you might be interested in one of these babies, please send me an email at


Friday, April 16, 2010

Spring is in Full Swing

Yes, Spring is definitely here and I think my does are aware of this!

On 4/13/10, Velotta's Bella kindled 8 healthy babies, sired by GC Silent Spring's Triton. I bred Triton to Bella right before I sold him, so these babies are really special to me since they're my only Triton babies! There are 6 Brokens and 2 Solids - all agoutis. They are all fat and sassy except for one of the runty Brokens.

Then, on 4/14/10, White Oak's Wanda kindled to 4 bouncing babies, sired by Bluestar's Edmund! I was really pleased that Wanda did everything right, since her last litter froze. :( It looks like there's 1 Broken (Unshowable) and 3 Solids. All appear to be otters - the broken looks black, while the solids look blue. Exciting, I love Blue Otters!

I fostered the runt of Bella's litter over to Wanda, since she seems to be a heavy milker. I'll try and get some pictures in a few days!

BTW, I have several animals available, check out the "For Sale" page on my website!

- Michael

Sunday, April 4, 2010

Jersey Wooly babies

Blue Buck - Silent Spring's HeartBreaker (KEEP)
Broken Blue Doe - Silent Spring's Jigglypuff.

These babies are out of Bluestar's Edmund and MLW's Cammie. They are so cute and I can't wait to watch them develop! The broken will be available in a few weeks... email me if you're interested in her. :)

- Michael

Friday, April 2, 2010

Current Litters and Breedings.

Jessa's February litter is doing great! I weaned them last week and they're be ready to leave for their new homes soon. Even though I didn't want to, I am holding back a little broken chestnut buck from the litter to grow out! He is very promising and I'm so excited to see him develop! Most of the litter is sold, though I still have two bucks available. Email me for details. I think both of them would be great for 4H'ers since they're used to being handled.

Cammie's babies from her March litter are possibly the cutest Woolies we've ever had born here! :) There is a cute Blue Buck and an adorable Broken Blue Doe. Sadly the broken blue doesn't have a nose marking but I'm thinking of keeping her anyway! LOL. I'll get pictures up on the blog asap.

Bella and Wanda have palpated positive, though I'll need to double check in a few days. I'm so excited, since Wanda's last litter froze and Bella has just been missing every time I bred her! Crossing my fingers for some live, healthy litters from these does!

I also rebred Cammie since she was wanting to be bred and she still has great condition on this currently litter. I am hoping for some showable brokens this time!

I'll be getting updated pictures of the babies as soon as possible. (:

- Michael

Recent Show Wins!

Since I'm on Spring Break and actually have some free time, I thought I'd post about the last few show's I've attended! I don't know when my next show is, since my schedule is pretty packed right now with swim meets and college events. Hopefully I'd get to at least one soon though!

Double Open Show in Tulare, CA - Great Western Livestock Show 3/13/10

Show A:
Silent Spring's Triton - 1st, BOV! 2nd Leg!
Velotta's Blake - 1st, BOSV, BOSB! 9th Leg!
Velotta's Bella - 1st, BOV, BOB! 8th Leg!

Show B:
Silent Spring's Triton - 1st, BOV, BOSB! 3rd Leg, now a Grand Champion!
Velotta's Blake - 1st, BOSV
Velotta's Bella - 1st, BOV, BOB! 9th Leg!

Carlos was also 1st out of three solid junior bucks both shows. :)

Double Youth Rabbit Show in SLO, CA. Cerro Alto 4H Rabbit Club, 3/27/10.

Show A:
Silent Spring's Carlos - 1/4 SJB! So close to a leg!
Silent Spring's Minerva - 1st, BOV, BOB! 1st Leg!!!
Bluestar's Edmund - 1st, BOG, BOB! 2nd Leg!

Show B:
Silent Spring's Carlos - 1/4 SJB!
Velotta's Blake - 2/7 to the BOB winner. :)
Velotta's Bella - 1st, BOSV, BOSB! 10th Leg!
Bluestar's Edmund - 1st, BOG, BOB! Possibly his 3rd Leg.

There were 45 Mini Lops there so I was especially excited with those wins!

I didn't get to make it to the SLO show myself since I had a scholarship interview but the Votaws were awesome and offered to take my bunnies for me! Thanks guys! :D

- Michael

Wednesday, March 17, 2010

Jessa's Babies!

Broken Chestnut Buck.
Broken Steel Buck.
Another Broken Chestnut buck.
Broken S. Tipped Steel Buck.
Yet another Broken Chestnut Buck. lol!

There are several other babies, but blogspot is limiting the amount of photos I can put in this post. :( More later!

- Michael

Saturday, February 20, 2010

Pictures Galore!

Bluestar's Edmund, a smoke pearl buck that's is maturing nicely!

A very pregnant MLW's Cammie, due next week!

She has the cutest face!

WO's Wanda Attempting to run away from me after being fed up with her photo session!

- Michael

Monday, February 15, 2010

First litter of the new year!

Today I woke up to 9 Mini Lops babies by my reliable doe, Silent Spring's Jessa! She's a really pretty steel doe with 2 legs that's been throwing some absolutely gorgeous babies for me. Her sister, Jana, placed 8th of of over 40 SSD's at this year's ARBA Convention in youth and has went to live with my friend Qadoshyah of Hoppin' Herd of Hares.

The sire is a broken chestnut buck that I brought in this summer, Velotta's Blake, a Grand Champion with 8 legs and a proven producer. In fact, my friend Tricia had shown one of Blake's sons at Convention and he ended up placed in the top ten (I think 5th!) out of over 40 BJB's in open!

There are 5 brokens and 4 solids. Most of them are steels and chesnuts but two of them are a bit of a mystery! I know Blake carries dilute but I had no idea Jessa carried any fun recessives. I'll have to give these babies a few days to grow some fur before I try to guess at their color!

- Michael

Sunday, February 14, 2010

KCRBA Show Results

These results are a little late since I haven't had too much time lately. . .

I showed in Open both shows. For Mini Lops, we got Chris Zemny for the first show and Ray Stacy for the second show. As for Jersey Woolies, Scott Williamson was the judge for Show A white Ray Stacy was the judge for B.

Show A:

Mini Lops:
Silent Spring's Triton - BOSV
Velotta's Bella - 1/3, BOV, BOB! * 6th Leg
Silent Spring's Minerva - 1/1
Jersey Woolies:
Silent Spring's Diamond - BOG
Bluestar's Edmund - BOG, BOSB
White Oak's Wanda - 2/2
MLW's Cammie - BOG, BOB! * 1st Leg!

Show B:

Mini Lops:
Silent Spring's Triton - BOSV
Velotta's Blake - BOV, BOB! * 8th Leg!
Velotta's Bella - BOSV, BOSB! * 7th Leg!
Silent Spring's Minerva - 1/1
Jersey Woolies:
Silent Spring's Diamond - BOG
Bluestar's Edmund - 1/1
White Oak's Wanda - BOG, BOB! *3rd Leg!
MLW's Cammie - 2/2

Overall, I was very pleased with our results! (: Bella also got an Honorable Mention for Best in Show, which was really exciting.

I also sent Edmund and Wanda to Stockton on 2/6 thanks to my friends, the Votaw family!

Show A:
Bluestar's Edmund - 1/1
White Oak's Wanda -1/2

Show B:
Bluestar's Edmund - 1/1, BOSG! *1st Leg!
White Oak's Wanda - 1/2

That's all for now! We have several does due soon and I'll try to keep this blog updated as the babies start coming!

- Michael

Friday, January 15, 2010

Jessa's Current Litter

I haven't posted pictures in the blog for a long time, so I thought I would share pictures of Jessa's recent litter. They were born December 18, 2009, so they're almost four weeks old! The broken steel is a doe, while the steel is a buck. :)

I'm definitely thinking about keeping the buck, he is adorable! I'll know for sure in a few weeks.
- Michael

Bakersfield Rabbit Show Entries

My first show of the year! Entries are due soon, so I thought I should get a rough list together. The thing I love about winter is that most of the bunnies have great coats, so I just have to make sure they have the flesh condition! Here's my potential show list.

Mini Lops:
Velotta's Blake
Silent Spring's Minerva
Silent Spring's Triton
Silent Spring's Jessa

Jersey Woolies:
Silent Spring's Diamond
Bluestar's Edmund
White Oak's Wanda
MLW's Cammie

This is the most I've shown in a LONG time. I'm really excited to see how they all do! I might switch out Velotta's Bella for Jessa, but it would be really nice if Jessa got her granding leg at this show. She's looking great, I'm going to wean off her litter in a few days.

Oh! Today I bred Jessa (to Blake again, since they throw spectacular babies!) and Bella (to Triton). Crossing fingers for babies!

- Michael

Friday, January 1, 2010

First Post of the Year!

I just got done feeding the rabbits a few minutes ago. I love the winter, they always get the most dense coats this time of year.

My juniors are looking really good. I'm happy with the purchases I made a few months ago, I definitely made smart choices. Minerva is probably one of the best Mini Lops I've ever bred, and all three of my Wooly juniors are developing nicely. I can't wait to show them! My favorite is probably Edmund, because he's such a ham.

I want some Wooly babies, but none of my does are old enough to breed yet! I think I'll try to find a doe at Bakersfield. :)

- Michael