Monday, May 26, 2008

Cinnamon's babies.

I have decided to keep 2 babies from Cinnamon's and Sundance's litter. I really wanted to keep a doe, since Cinnamon will hopefully be leaving to go to Velotta's Rabbitry next month, so I am keeping the lilac chinchilla doe. I wasn't planning on keeping another buck, since I already have Cody and he is a very, very nice buck, but this chocolate chinchilla buck was too nice to let go to someone else! I am anxious to see them develop and breed them in the fall. The buck will be bred to my non-chocolate carrier does (Sidney and Silver) while his brother will get my other does. The doe will be outcrossed to Ryan, to add some new blood into the gene pool, or back to Sundance. I haven't thought up of names for them yet, but I will soon hopefully.
Both of the babies together =P
The chocolate chinchilla buck.
The lilac chinchilla doe.
Silent Springs Rabbitry
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Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Bakersfield Results!

The highlight of the show for us was taking BOSB in the Open Mini Lop Specialty with Silent Spring's Cody. This is Cody's 4th leg, all junior. He is doing really well! He still has a few more shows until he turns senior, so hopefully he can win a few more legs. I got a really nice frame for the award. Congrats to the Deucks, who won BOB with their broken doe, Lilo!

I sold Nick and Natasha to my friend, Lizz Brown, Hannah to Jess and Tina, and the lilac chinchilla junior doe to a nice 4H family :-) It was a great show! I was going to try and buy some water bottles and new hooks, but I didn't have any time. I also need a new carrier, my old 4-hole is getting too old for me!

Silent Springs Rabbitry
"Where Quality Comes in Color"

Sunday, May 11, 2008

Bakersfield 5/17

Here's who I'm entering -

Silent Spring's Ryan - SJB - Opal
Velotta's Sparkling Silver - SSD - Chinchilla
Silent Spring's Cody - BJB - Chesnut
Kitsemble's Sidney - BSD - Chesnut
Hoppin's Nicolette - BJD - Lilac Steel

Mini Lop Specialty I entered Cody and Sidney :-)

I will also be working with Ray Stacy towards my registrar's license!

Silent Spring's Rabbitry
"Where Quality Comes in Color"

Mini Lops in California

Hey Everyone,
Here’s the rabbits I will have available at the 5/17 Bakersfield Show and will be getting there around 7:00 am. If you would like more pictures or information just let me know! I am willing to give discounts on Multiple Purchases and 4H discounts.
If interested in anything please send me an email at
Mini Lops:
Can be seen @
SSR’s Apple Cinnamon, RGC, 4 Legs
Broken Chocolate Chesnut Senior Doe
Brood/Retired Show
Sire: Velotta’s Raymond, RGC, 6 Legs
Dam: Hoppin’s Cookiesn’Cream, 2 Legs
She’s a RGC and a chocolate color, enough said! Makes great babies, am keeping 3 of her offspring.
Velotta’s Nick, Red/White/Blue Seal Registration.
Broken Opal Senior Buck
Sire: Velotta’s Walter, RGC, 10 Legs, 22/86 ‘06 ARBA Convention
Dam: Velotta’s Renee, RGC, 4 Legs, 6/77 ‘06 ARBA Convention
Awesome fur, nice body. Makes great babies! I am keeping a replacement so it’s time to move him on.
Can be seen @
Silent Spring’s Natasha
Broken Opal Junior Doe
Sire: SSR’s Sundance Kid, RGC, 5 Legs
Dam: SSR’s Blue Ice
Promising Doe. I *love* her head/ears/crown, they are great. Nice body too, needs a fuller lower HQ.
Silent Spring’s Caleb
Broken Opal Junior Buck
Sire: Velotta’s Nick, Reg.
Dam: Milkhouse’s Dusty, Reg., 1 Leg
He’s got a nice, compact body but needs a better her. He’s a young junior so it could happen. Would be an awesome showmanship animal.
All of the following are out of -
Sire: SSR’s Sundance Kid, RGC, 5 Legs
Dam: SSR’s Apple Cinnamon, RGC, 4 Legs
Prices range from $25 - $40 each. Their full brother already has 3 Jr. Legs in limited showing!
Can be see @
Silent Spring’s SSC5 - Opal Buck
Silent Spring’s SSC6 - Broken Opal Doe
Silent Spring’s SSC7 - Blue Buck
Silent Spring’s SSC8 - Lilac Chinchilla Doe
Silent Spring’s SSC9 - Broken Opal Buck

Michael Perez
Silent Springs Rabbitry

Wednesday, May 7, 2008

Truffle's Babies

Group Shot!
Chocolate Charlie Buck
Solid Chocolate Doe
Broken Chocolate Doe