Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Excited to get to a show!

Well our next show is fast approaching, and we are very excited for it. It will hopefully be a very easy going and relaxed show. I am looking forward to just socializing all day, which will help me unwind tons, especially with some hurtful emails from some immature breeders lately. Oh well, live and let live is my motto. I am especially excited to see Katie R. and Susie C. again! Both went to Convention and did very well. I want to extend a very large CONGRATULATIONS to Katie who won BOSV Solid American Fuzzy Lop at Convention with her doe, "Harmony." :-)

Alot of my bunnies are in good condition, I'm looking forward to showing my juniors since they are maturing nicely. I also think I'm going to be showing Casey as well, before he starts to molt really badly lol.

ARBA Registrar
Silent Springs Rabbitry

Thursday, November 6, 2008

New Buck

I had Armando bring a new buck back for me at Convention. He is a very nice Gold Tipped Steel from Sara K. His name is Gus and he came with one leg for BOB and many top placments in tough competition. I can't wait for him to earn a few more legs here :-) Thanks Sara, I really appreciate you sending such a nice buck out to CA with me. And thank you to Armando, Randy, and Allen for transporting him.

Gus has been a busy boy already and bred both Sidney and Truffle. Sadly, none of my breedings took so I am rebreeding all three and crossing my fingers they take. I think the move has stressed them out so even if they did take they could have aborted. I'm also thinking about breeding Faith, but I REALLY want to show her off, LOL. She's gorgeous!!!

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