Friday, August 28, 2009


After contemplating for many months, I have decided that I no longer derive the same joy for the Mini Lops that I once had. For the past few months now, a new flame has captivated my mind, and that is with the Jersey Wooly rabbit. Their smaller size is more complimentary to my cages, and the wool is a new experience that I am constantly amazed by. Of course, I will retain a small number of my Mini Lops, but will just cut down to 5-6. Watch out for the sales list, which I will be posting within the next two weeks.

With all this extra room, I will be venturing further into Jersey Woolies. I already have BEWs but would like a new group to add as well, one that is less time consuming that the BEWs. That being said, after lots of thought, I have decided on pursuing Broken & Self/Shaded groups. I know, you're thinking "That's 3 groups!", but all the colors are harmonious together and they will not hinder one another. I have already selected a buck and am in the process of acquiring two does. I will post pictures soon. Speaking of pictures, I also need to get pictures of lots of new bunnies. Hopefully tomorrow.

My first week of school sped by rapidly but not unpleasantly. I will be busy this year, more so than ever before. I am anxious to immerse myself one last time in high school activities, I will try to savor the experiences, since I will no longer be able to repeat them.

- Michael

Sunday, August 23, 2009

San Bernadino Show

The show was TONS of fun! Very relaxed and enjoyable. I went with the Votaws (thanks for the ride! :)) and went with 7 bunnies and came home with 5 so that was nice. My rabbits did okay, my sjb, Triton, was really liked by ARBA judge Linda Bell and Casey, my BEW Wooly senior buck, won BOB in one of the shows for his second leg. In the other shows he was 2nd to the BOB/BOSB winner. :) I also got to see lots of people that I rarely get to see (like the wonderful Teri Reymann and Berlena Reynolds!) and since I didn't have any bunnies to sell I got to do a lot more socializing/clerking than normal. :)

Today Jayden, a BEW Wooly junior buck, left for his new home! I hope Laura and family enjoys him. Now that means I've got rid of all of my for sale animals, I won't have anything available until Convention. :( While there, I am planning on a HUGE Mini Lop herd reduction, so watch out for a sales list.

- Michael

Friday, August 14, 2009

You can always tell....

When school is about to start you can always tell with me. School takes up SO much of my time with all of my extra curricular activities and social outings it's hard not to put some things on the back burner. Unfortunately, this normally means my blogging negligence. It's hard enough just taking the time to care for the animals, not to mention coordinating sales, so I don't ever really feel like posting!

So be warned, this blog will probably be silent soon unless my classes are easier than I am anticipating (which I highly doubt). School starts on the 24th, so one of the last updated will probably be after the San Bernadino show, which is on the 22nd. I can't believe I'm a senior!

Speaking of the San Bernadino show...I think all of my seniors are hating me since they decided to start molting a few days ago! Some of them don't look too bad yet, I'm just not going to touch them too much until the show, LOL. I'm showing 5, a few jrs and several seniors.

- Michael

Thursday, August 6, 2009

New Bunnies

I picked up my new rabbits from Rebecca last night! Thanks so much for transporting, Rebecca, you did a wonderful job!

I got two new rabbits, one is a new herd buck and the other is a doe that I'll be showing for a while before breeding. :D Both are GC's, the buck has 7 legs and the doe has 3 legs. Thanks Tricia and Nicole for giving me such amazing animals! No pictures yet as they are still settling in, but soon! I also need to get pictures of the Wooly babies, which are growing like weeds! I've got my eye on a few of them, they are all very promising!

- Michael

Tuesday, August 4, 2009

The last are leaving...

The last of the sold bunnies are finally leaving, yay! Casey, Jinger, and James will be leaving this Saturday. James will be heading over to MGM and Casey and Jinger will be staying there for a few days until they can go up to Jessica in Norcal. Steve is also leaving on tomorrow to go to Kansas with Liz.

The wooly babies are growing like weeds, I really like three of the four! I think I will be keeping those three until Convention, but I'm not entirely sure yet. . .

- Michael