Wednesday, April 8, 2009

SLO Show

San Luis Obispo was really fun! I was the registrar, so that was fun. I brought 4 juniors to sell and sold 3 of them! Now I only have a few left for sale.

Show A was judged by Doug King. Kaitlyn Dueck won BOB with a SJB and a BSD won BOSB, but I don't know the owner. I won the SSB class with Ryan, even with his sunburnt coat lol.

Armando Cabrera judged Show B. I won BOB with a Sidney, a BSD, and BOSB with Jim BOB, a SJB. I also won BOSV with Faith, a SSD. :) She was two weeks pregnant to top it off! They gave out really pretty rosettes for BOSB and medallions for BOB!

Hope is due any day know and she looks fit to burst! She is bred to Gus. :)

I also updated my website today - check it out!