Friday, May 8, 2009

Newest news...haha.

The Bakersfield Show on 4/18 was very fun. I got BOB in both shows with Sidney and BOSB in one of the shows with Jim Bob. That was Sidney's 7th and 8th legs and Bob's 4th leg! (: Very proud of them. The show was well run and I look forward to attending again next year. My very first show was a Bakersfield Show....but I'll save that for another blog. It was a good day, one that sparked the rabbit bug in me.
I've also had a few litters these past few weeks. Hope has a litter of 3 - 2 steels, 1 chestnut. All bucks. The father is Gus. I really like one of the steels, it may replace the sire and dam in my breeding program. Time will tell.
Faith also had a litter 2 1/2 weeks ago, another litter of three. She has one broken smoke pearl, one broken blue, and one smoke pearl. The sire is a white buck, DeSurra's Morgan, that our friend Kate and Heidi of MGM let us borrow. The babies are adorable, my favorite is the smoke pearl, which is probably a buck. Bucks are good though, I need some new ones!
I currently have just one Convention breeding. I bred Sidney to Sundance. Hopefully the results will be nice. She is due later this month. She palpates positive, so I'm crossing fingers! Sundance normally meshes well with any doe he is bred with.
I will be updated my website soon - I have several animals I must post for sale since I will be reducing my herd for the summer more than usual.....