Sunday, October 28, 2007

New Breedings

Due of circumstances beyond my control, both of my does lost this litters, and Merlot ended up being put to sleep :-(

So, I have decided to just breed one doe for now, with more next month, hopefully.

Current Breedings -

Sire: SSR's Sundance Kid, R, 3 Legs
Dam: SSR's Blue Ice
Bred: 10/26
Due: 11/26
Notes: Linebreeding to Velotta's Francie & Velotta's Hunter, both BIS winning bunnies. Blue Ice is out of Raymond breeding back to his daughter, Grape Fizz, and Sundance is out of Raymond & and outcross doe. Should hopefully throw some nice babies. She has the width of head and pronounciation of crown along with her strong shoulders. He's got the shortness of body and awesome topline. Should hopefully be a powerful cross

Planned Breedings -

Sire: SSR's Sundance Kid, R, 3 Legs
Dam: SSR's Apple Cinnamon, R, 3 Legs
Bred: 11/20
Due: 12/21
Notes: I will keep on showing AC until the end of November. If she doesn't grand by then I'll have to breed her. Full sibling breeding. Both compliment each other very nicely. Hoping to decrease size & increase type.

Co-op Breedings -

Sire: SSR's Sundance Kid, R, 3 Legs
Dam: Hoppin's Grape Fizz, 1 Leg
Notes: Half Sibling Breeding. Bred them this June, but Grape Fizz lost her litter during the Fourth of July fireworks, according to her new owner.

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Saturday, October 27, 2007

Showing & Me

are going to through some rough times. I think we're going to need need a little bit of space, ROFL.

I really think I've been putting too much of my emphasis on showing. Taking to what the judges say to heart, which I really shouldn't. I should only be taking what I think into consideration when selling and breeding, and using judge's and other breeder's opinion's less seriously. To top it off, I haven't won a leg since the end of March! My goal for the rest of the year is to get ONE leg. That's all I'm asking here folks, just one.

To be honest, I am tired of outcrossing with some of my breedings. I am going to close my herd, as soon as I get Sidney. I will then go from square one, outscrossing with whatever I have, and then linebreeding those babies. I am hoping to both decrease size and stabilize my type in a shorter amount of time. I will be concentrating on only a few lines, in order to create my 'own' true line. It will mainly consist of Velotta & Kitsemble lines, hopefully. I might possibly bring in another Velotta or Kitsemble bunny sometime next year :)

Wish me luck! I am truely hoping I can stick with my plan.

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Just some of the better placements, lol.

Show A -

Sparkling Silver - 2/11!

Show B -
Sparkling Silver - 2/11!
Hannah - 2/8!
Emma - 3/8!

Specialty -

Sparkling Silver - 3/6!
Hannah - 2/5!

I also registered Sparkling Silver, Chocolate Perfection, and Nick =)

I had tons of fun. . . . . mostly due to Shianne & Heidi! Thanks for keeping me entertained, even if you just had to take the solid junior doe class Shianne! :P Just teasing you!

Next show is probably going to be Fresno, to go pick up Kitsemble's Sidney! Did I ever mention how she did?!?! She was 32/102 Broken Junior Does in OPEN! I am very excited to show & breed this girl. I am hoping she meshes well with my current stock. I am sure she will, since Nicole did the same thing and she got some LOVELY kids out of her Kitsemble stock! :D

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Wednesday, October 24, 2007

KCRBA Entries

For the double show, I decided to only show a few. I am showing ZB2, Grace (just renamed Sparkling Silver lol), Emma, and Hannah. They are all looks really nice, the worst is Grace, who is molting on her head a little.

For the GSYMLC specialty, I decided to enter Apple Cinnamon, Nick, Grace, ZB2, Hannah, and Sundance Kid. Hoping to do well :D Wish us luck!!!

Also bringing Blueberry Smoothie to sell. I have someone that is already interested that coming to take a look at her, she possibly wants her bred! =)

I'll be sure to post any major wins on Sunday or Monday!

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Wednesday, October 17, 2007


Convention Judging has just been finished up yesterday. Today I believe they are presenting new breeds/varieties to be accepted to the ARBA.

I will try to get a list together in one LARGE blog sometime next week =) I've already got a pretty big list, but I'm missing a few breeds & I'd hate to post it uncompleted lol.

I hope that everyone that is at Convention is having a blast!!!!

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Saturday, October 6, 2007

10/27 KCRBA

This is my next show =) It's a Double Youth only hosted by the KCRBA. The sec'y is Bonnie Cabrera, if you'd like the catalog drop me an email & I'd be more than happy to give you her email addy! Some GREAT judges will be there, including Dick Swanson, Joe Lugo, Scott Williamson, & Keeylyn Hanlon (I'm pretty sure she's one of the youngest judges in the nation!)I'm really excited for it, especially since my club, the GSYMLC, is hosting a Youth Mini Lop Specialty with it! I have no idea who to enter. . . probably not tons since there will be another show 2 weeks after that so I still want to have some money =) lol. I'm thinking I'll definitely showing 2 SSD's, 2 SJD's, 1 BSD, & maybe 1 SSB or BSB.

On another note, I palpated both does & I am relatively sure that they both palpate positive =) With Merlot though, you can never be sure since she is so tense whenever you try to palpate her! I'm still hopeful though, since I've been trying to breed her for 2 months now.

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