Friday, April 4, 2008

4.12.08 Paso Robles Show

This show is soooo nice! I totally love it! Only double youth, so no open exhibitors. There are usually tonssss of Mini Lops, so yay for competition! I will be working with ARBA Judge Jennifer Millburn for my Registrar's License :-)

Here's some info -
Entry Deadline:4.04.08
Sanctioned Breeds:
Mini Rex
Mini Lop
Hollnd Lop
Netherland Dwarf
New Zealand
Judges: Armando Cabrera, Joe Lugo, Jennifer Millburn, Chris Zemny
Price:$5/both shows or $3/one show

My Show List -

**SSR's Sundance Kid - SSB - Opal
*SSR's Emma - SSD - Lilac Chinchilla
**SSR's Hannah - SSD - Chocolate Chinchilla
*Silent Spring's Cody - BJB - Chesnut
**Kitsemble's Sidney - BSD - Chesnut
*Silent Spring's Natasha - BJD - Opal
**Hoppin's Nicolette - BJD - Lilac Steel

My For Sale Bunnies -

** Milkhouse's Starlight - SSD - Blue Steel, 2 Legs
*Milkhouse's Dusty - SSD - Blue, 1 Leg
**Velotta's Nick - BSB - Opal
*Silent Spring's SND2 - BJB - Opal
**Silent Spring's SND3 - BJB - Opal
*Silent Spring's SND4 - BJD - Opal
**Silent Spring's SND5 - BJB - Opal

I'm really hoping I can sell most of these for sale bunnies! lol. I can't wait to see my ML friends, since I decided not to go to CA State Convention I haven't seen them in a while ;)

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Qadoshyah said...

You'll have to let me know how Nicolette does ;)!

Susie said...

Too bad this show is so darn far away, it sounds fun! Plus those are judges I wouldn't mind judging my woolies, as they are good and I don't get them that often. ;]

Susie said...

I forgot to tell you good luck!!! =D


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