Friday, August 8, 2008

New Bunny

I have been looking for another dwarf breed to mess around with lately and the fuzz has drawn me in again! Instead of an American Fuzzy Lop I decided to get a Jersey Wooly, since I had heard that their wool is more easy care since it has more guard hairs. I asked my friend Lisa, of Wooligans Rabbitry ( if she had anything available and I was thrilled to hear she did! A little BEW buck named Wooligans Picasso. With the help of two different transporters I was able to get Picasso down to Bakersfield and I went on Tuesday to pick him up. I will have to agree about the wool differences - while my old AFL used to matt very easily, Picasso's wool is low maitenance and easy to keep up with. He is currently finishing up a molt but I hope to show him at fair (which is another blog topic which I will post about soon!)

Silent Springs Rabbitry
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Jessica said...

I still like my loppy ears better - lol.

Now, while I agree Charlie matted like no tomorrow (and so does his offspring, btw), once any fuzzy I got from Christina or comes out of those lines reaches adulthood, no matting at all. If I wanted, I could go a month in between grooming! So =P