Saturday, October 4, 2008

Two Does Bred!

Yesterday (10.03.08) I bred two does for ML Nationals Juniors! I wanted really mature juniors so I am breeding them right now. I bred:

SSR's Sundance Kid (RGC, 5 Legs) X Velotta's Sparkling Silver (Reg.)

Silent Springs Ryan (Reg., 1 Leg) X Kitsemble's Sidney (RGC, 5 Legs)

Both does were very receptive so I'm crossing my fingers they both take! Silver's siblings have thrown some EXCELLENT babies and I'm hoping she'll do the same for me. I'm also really excited for Sidney's litter, since her and Ryan are currently my two nicest bunnies and they compliment each other soooo nicely!

ARBA Registrar
Silent Springs Rabbitry
"Where Quality Comes in Color"

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