Thursday, December 31, 2009


2009 has come and gone. I thought overall it was one of my better years, I definitely learned a lot and had some amazing, once in a lifetime experiences. Now, the time has come to plan for the future and set goals which I hope to attain.

I think this next year will be a year of new beginnings for me. Some things will leave (or, I shall leave some things) and others will enter to replace them. I am trying to think of it as a the ending of one era and the formation of a new one.

Rabbit wise, I am being extremely indecisive. I know that I will most likely not be remaining here for college, but I still haven't decided which college I would like to attend (or rather, which schools will accept me). CSU Fresno & CSU Long Beach are two that I would like to attend. Based on the college, rabbit raising will probably be no longer be a possibility. I need to be realistic and acknowledge this.

Regardless of that, I am still planning on pursuing my ARBA Judge's license. I think judging would be fun and definitely worth all the studying it would involve! Plus, it would keep me involved in the rabbit world while I concentrate on schooling.

Jessa's babies are doing well. They opened their eyes a few days ago and are just the cutest things. Very adorable and well fed! :D

I need to breed a few days, since neither Bella or Pudge took. :( Grrr.

Happy New Year!
- Michael


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Unknown said...

Good luck with applying to colleges. I hope you will check out Fresno State. You should take a tour when you have time!
Katie Johnson, alum 2003

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