Friday, January 15, 2010

Bakersfield Rabbit Show Entries

My first show of the year! Entries are due soon, so I thought I should get a rough list together. The thing I love about winter is that most of the bunnies have great coats, so I just have to make sure they have the flesh condition! Here's my potential show list.

Mini Lops:
Velotta's Blake
Silent Spring's Minerva
Silent Spring's Triton
Silent Spring's Jessa

Jersey Woolies:
Silent Spring's Diamond
Bluestar's Edmund
White Oak's Wanda
MLW's Cammie

This is the most I've shown in a LONG time. I'm really excited to see how they all do! I might switch out Velotta's Bella for Jessa, but it would be really nice if Jessa got her granding leg at this show. She's looking great, I'm going to wean off her litter in a few days.

Oh! Today I bred Jessa (to Blake again, since they throw spectacular babies!) and Bella (to Triton). Crossing fingers for babies!

- Michael

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