Sunday, November 11, 2007

Fresno, CA Show 11/10/07

Fresno was an extremely fun show! We arrived there around 8:15, after getting lost lol. Last time I went to Fresno I got lost too! Something must be up with Mapquest.

Anyway, once I got there I checked in and got settled. Almost immediately they called Open and Youth Mini Lops. My Youth friends told me they needed another exhibitor so I switched all my entries to Youth. In the first show I won the SJD class, but there weren't enough for a leg. Also got a few seconds in the senior doe classes. I believe Caitlyn V. was BOB & BOSB. In the middle of this choas Susie C. and Katie R. managed to find me and we talked for a few until I had to get back to the Youth Mini Lops.
Once Youth Mini's were done I met up with Susie and Katie again. I hung out with them for most of the day, they were really fun :-). I got to oogle at all their pretty Fuzzies and Woolies! I especially loved Allison and Hamlet! They also got too look at my lone Fuzzy, which they loved!
After about an hour or so, Open Fuzzies started! Since Charlie was showing, I decided to clerk for Ray. He raved over Charlie & placed him BOSV, but because of his immature wool he lost the BOB. Katie's gorgeous Broken Doe, Allison, ended up getting BOV & BOSB :-) Congrats Katie! BOB went to Mary Henderson.
For Show B Mini Lops, we had Linda Bell :-) She's a GREAT Mini Lop judge, especially since her daughter is currently raising the breed herself. She named Sudance Kid 1st SSB & then BOV! This was his granding leg! I was estatic!!! He also named Hannah BOSV, for her first leg! She also really liked Cinnamon, but had to DQ her. She said if she wasn't overweight she would have taken BOB easily!!!
Overall it was a great day!

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