Sunday, December 9, 2007

Does Producing

I know many, many people have problems with does catching during the winter. It's mainly due to the lack of sunlight your bunnies are being exposed to, since the sun has been setting earlier and earlier. To try and 'trick' their does into thinking it's summer, they will put lights in their rabbitry and turn them on as soon as it gets dark. That will trick the does so that they think the days are longer and they become more willing to breed. I am currently using this method.

Some does are still unwilling to catch, even if you're using lights and maybe it's not even Winter anymore! Those are the real stubborn does. I've found that giving them some ACV in their water for a few days. It doesn't work for anyone, so if you're one of the people that it doesn't work for, go to the next step. For me, if the ACV doesn't work, I'll take them to a show I'm going to (even if I don't plan on showing her) and then by the time I'm back home she's suddenly much more willing. It normally has to do with the car ride getting to the show, but the show itself is also a factor.

Other does, while always willing to breed, may never catch! You must be confused as to why that's up! First, ask yourself if your buck is proven? If no, then let him mount the doe, and check him out. Normally when the buck is 'fully extended' it is easiest to check for a Split P. buck. Most SP bucks aren't able to 'get' a doe. If it's a yes, then remember what month you are in. Some bucks may go sterile in the summer and remain sterile for several months after. I've never had a sterile buck, so I don't know. Another thing is if you are breeding a doe and her vulva is not red & swollen, chances are she's not going to be as willing, as well as less likely to take!

Lastly, how are you breeding your bunnies? Colony breeding/cage breeding/table breeding? I personally don't like Colony Breeding and Cage breeding, for the safety of my bunnies. It is MUCH harder to break up a fight with either of those, and you risk getting injured. With table breeding, you can immediately and safely break up any fights that may occur.

With my next blog I think I might post it on palpating techniques ;)

As to how my breedings are? I'm hopeful :-)

Velotta's Nick (R) X Milkhouse's Dusyt (R, 1 Leg) - Palpates Positive
SSR's Sundance Kid (RGC, 5 Legs) X SSR's Apple Cinnamon (RGC, 4 Legs) - Palpates Positive
SSR's Sundance Kid (RGC, 5 Legs) X SSR's Blue Ice - ???

May your does be willing and your nestboxes full this Holiday Season!

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