Tuesday, December 25, 2007

Happy Holidays!

Sorry for my lack of blogging! I had ben studying for Finals and got off just last Friday. Then I was just busy with the Holidays and getting everything ready!

As far as the bunnies go, all is well! Apple Cinnamon, Blue Ice, and Dusty have all built nice nests and I am just awaiting for the babies to come :-) Day 28 is tomorrow (12/26). I hope they have them during the day, it's been so cold lately! Charlie, Emma, Nick, and Sundance are all in excellent condition for the show next month! Sundance is a little chunky, so I'll give him some excercise until the show. I'm also on the lookout for a show quality solid AFL or Fuzzy Holland doe, preferably black. If you know anyone that might have one available, drop me an email ;)

I had a great Christmas this year! I got about $120, a few CD's and DVD's, a new Camera (yay!), some clothes, and some misc stuff :-) Thanks everyone! I really loved all your gifts!

Merry Christmas from Silent Springs!!!

Silent Springs Rabbitry

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