Wednesday, March 12, 2008

Tulare Show Results

I said I would tell you all my results, so here they are :-)

I'm only going to place decent results =P most of my bunnies did really well, except for my SSD's, but there was a huge class of 16 of them!

Saturday -

Show A - Mini Lops - 54

SSR's Sundance Kid - SSB - 3/10
Kitsemble's Sidney - 2/9
SSR's Cody - 1/3

Show B - Mini Lops - 54

Totally sucked lol.


Show A - Mini Lops - 27

Kitsemble's Sidney - 1/7, BOV, BOSB *LEG*
SSR's Cody - 1/3, BOSV *LEG*

Show B - Mini Lops - 27
SSR's Sundance Kid - 2/4
Kitsemble's Sidney - 3/7
SSR's Cody - 1/3

Cody was a HUGE hit! He was looking super nice. I also got all my siggies for my registrar's application and am sending it off tomorrow!It was a great weekend! I registered a few, granded Sidney, and got my first leg on Cody! I also bred Truffle, my broken chocolate doe, to my friend Qadoshyah's buck, Hoppin's Daquiri.

I'm still deciding which my next show will be. Either Fresno or Paso Robles. I will go to Fresno if I can start working for my registrar's license by then, but if not I don't think I'll go.

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