Sunday, June 15, 2008

Pomona Show Results

I woke up late so we didn't end up getting to the show until 9:00. They had started Mini Lops already so I missed my first class, thank goodness I only entered one solid! And also lucky that mah buddies saved me a spot lol.

I worked with Stan Bell for the registrar part of my requirement. I only looked over a few rabbits, mostly Tans, English Lops, Himmies, and Thriantas.
Youth Show A -
Judge: Ray Stacy
43 Mini Lops
Ryan - SJB - Scratch
Cody - BJB - 1/7 - 5th Leg
Sidney - BSD - 1/3
Nicolette - BJD - 4/9

Youth Show B -
Judge: Joey Shultz
43 Mini Lops
Ryan - SJB - 2/4
Cody - BJB - 5/7.
Sidney - BSD - 1/3, BOV, BOB - 5th Leg
Nicolette - BJD - 7/9ish

Good Show! :D

Silent Springs Rabbitry
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