Saturday, June 7, 2008


Well, since you last heard from me, school has ended and I am enjoying my first week of summer vacation :) ! And a lot of rabbit stuff has happened too :P.

First of all, I think I am going to Pomona on 6/14! I really hope I end up going, I want to go sooo bad. Plus, I would get to work with a registrar there :) After that I would only have 1 more judge and then I will be done!

Cinnamon has left and has started her journey to get to Nicole :) She should be there in a few more weeks. Her kids that I have kept are looking promising. Her latest litter is molting out of their junior coats so they are unpresentable, but their bodies are looking promising :) I look forward to showing them after summer (darn summer and it's no rabbit shows! lol)

I have also added a new bunny to my rabbitry - a solid black doe names Allison :) She is very promising and she carries chocolate! I will try and get pictures of her, along with all my current juniors, once they molt out of their baby coats :-)

Oh, and I updated my For Sale page today!

That's all for now!

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Unknown said...

Yeah for summer break! I can't wait to get Cinnamon!