Thursday, November 6, 2008

New Buck

I had Armando bring a new buck back for me at Convention. He is a very nice Gold Tipped Steel from Sara K. His name is Gus and he came with one leg for BOB and many top placments in tough competition. I can't wait for him to earn a few more legs here :-) Thanks Sara, I really appreciate you sending such a nice buck out to CA with me. And thank you to Armando, Randy, and Allen for transporting him.

Gus has been a busy boy already and bred both Sidney and Truffle. Sadly, none of my breedings took so I am rebreeding all three and crossing my fingers they take. I think the move has stressed them out so even if they did take they could have aborted. I'm also thinking about breeding Faith, but I REALLY want to show her off, LOL. She's gorgeous!!!

Silent Springs Rabbitry
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