Sunday, October 4, 2009

Hanford Results

Show A:

Silent Spring's Pearl - 1/2, BOG, BOB - 1st leg on a homebred wooly!
Silent Spring's Diamond - 2/2
Silent Spring's Triton - 1/1, BOSV, BOSB
Velotta's Bella - 1/1, BOV *4th leg!

Show B:

Silent Springs Pearl - 2/2
Silent Spring's Diamond - 1/2, loosing to the BOB winning doe.
Silent Springs Triton - 1/1, BOSV
Velotta's Bella - 1/1, BOV, BOB *5th Leg

I was really happy with how my Woolies did, and even more excited that Pearl won her first leg! She really is a pretty doe, I'm excited for her. Bella also did really well, I will be breeding her in a few days to Gus before he leaves for Convention. Everyone liked Triton too, but he has a major molt line and really isn't able to compete right now. Hopefully he'll be done by Convention.

In other news, Jessa is nesting and is due on the 5th. I'm hoping she kindles successfully....I want babies!

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