Sunday, October 11, 2009

Convention Entries

Okay, everything is all entered. Here's my list. I entered 5 Mini Lops and 3 Jersey Woolies. :)

Mini Lops:
Kitsemble's Gus - SSB *Sold
Silent Spring's Triton - SJB
Silent Spring's Jana - SSD *Sold
Silent Spring's Faith - SSD *For Sale
Kitsemble's Sidney - BSD *Sold

Jersey Woolies:
Wooligans Atticus - Shaded Sr Buck
Silent Spring's Pearl - Self Jr Doe
Silent Spring's Diamond - Self Jr Doe

Atticus is coming from my good friend, Lisa of Wooligans Rabbitry. I can't wait to get him! Thanks Lisa. :)

In other news, Jessa kindled a few days ago to one healthy broken baby. :) Can't tell yet if it's a steel or a chestnut, thought at the moment I'm leading towards steel...