Sunday, September 30, 2007

Quarenta's Charlie

Him being a good boy giving me a pose =)
Face shot =P

Showing off his massive head!

I mentioned a little slice of info on my site that I had obtained a new rabbit, so I thought I would indulge you guys on the particulars of this cutie =)

While I was at the Santa Maria Show last weekend, waiting for the Mini Lop's to be judges, I decided to stroll around & look at all the Fuzzies for sale. I've never raised Fuzzies, nor do I plan to, but I've had an obsession with them since the beginnging of this year, thanks to a few select breeders awesome looking Fuzzies =P.

I was actually looking at a Dianne's Hollands when I noticed she actually had a fuzzy available! I was excited, since I know Dianne doesn't breed Fuzzies, so this one is more or less an occasional occurence for her herd. This *adorable* Fuzzy Holland was unlike any other Fuzzy I had ever seen. Normally as juniors they look kind of scraggly, sometimes with matts. I noticed that this guy looked just like a miniature senior! And he had NO matts (Dianne was obviously taking awesome care of this little boy =)) I automatically asked Dianne how much he was. She said $35. I told her I'd think about it & went on my way, pondering over what to do lol. When I noticed another family looking at him, I asked her if I could have him. She said sure & there I went, with my own Fuzzy. After only begging my mom for 4 months. . . lol. Needless to say, I felt like I accomplished something =)

Charlie will be our little Mascot here at the rabbitry. I will be showing him often & will stud him out to any of my friends bucks =)

I've decided to add some pics of him in this post!
Silent Springs Rabbitry

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