Saturday, October 6, 2007

10/27 KCRBA

This is my next show =) It's a Double Youth only hosted by the KCRBA. The sec'y is Bonnie Cabrera, if you'd like the catalog drop me an email & I'd be more than happy to give you her email addy! Some GREAT judges will be there, including Dick Swanson, Joe Lugo, Scott Williamson, & Keeylyn Hanlon (I'm pretty sure she's one of the youngest judges in the nation!)I'm really excited for it, especially since my club, the GSYMLC, is hosting a Youth Mini Lop Specialty with it! I have no idea who to enter. . . probably not tons since there will be another show 2 weeks after that so I still want to have some money =) lol. I'm thinking I'll definitely showing 2 SSD's, 2 SJD's, 1 BSD, & maybe 1 SSB or BSB.

On another note, I palpated both does & I am relatively sure that they both palpate positive =) With Merlot though, you can never be sure since she is so tense whenever you try to palpate her! I'm still hopeful though, since I've been trying to breed her for 2 months now.

Silent Springs Rabbitry

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Jessica said...

I can't wait for the show either.. even if I am going to be working my tail off. I can't believe they put me in charge of EVERYTHING.