Saturday, October 27, 2007


Just some of the better placements, lol.

Show A -

Sparkling Silver - 2/11!

Show B -
Sparkling Silver - 2/11!
Hannah - 2/8!
Emma - 3/8!

Specialty -

Sparkling Silver - 3/6!
Hannah - 2/5!

I also registered Sparkling Silver, Chocolate Perfection, and Nick =)

I had tons of fun. . . . . mostly due to Shianne & Heidi! Thanks for keeping me entertained, even if you just had to take the solid junior doe class Shianne! :P Just teasing you!

Next show is probably going to be Fresno, to go pick up Kitsemble's Sidney! Did I ever mention how she did?!?! She was 32/102 Broken Junior Does in OPEN! I am very excited to show & breed this girl. I am hoping she meshes well with my current stock. I am sure she will, since Nicole did the same thing and she got some LOVELY kids out of her Kitsemble stock! :D

Silent Springs Rabbitry

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Heidi said...

I think your new Broken Doe is gonna be great for your rabbitry! Can't wait to see her...we may go to Fresno..just for that! =)

Shianne said, "I've never laughed so hard at show, and had such a good time..and I didn't really do very well on the tables!"