Thursday, January 3, 2008

New Litters! :-)

On December 31, Blue Ice gave me a litter of 3 healthy broken opals sired by GC Sundance Kid! 2 have awesome markings, but one unfortunately has no nose markings, just like Ice. Oh well, it can still be a good breeding animal!

On January 2, GC Apple Cinnamon gave me a litter of 2 healthy broken chesnut/chinchilla sired by GC Sundance Kid! We are VERY excited for this litter, and hope to attain some goals with them :-)

Dusty had a litter of 4, but they froze during the night due to the lack of fur in the nest :-( We will be rebreeding her soon!

Our next show is in a few days, we'll tell you of our results :-)

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