Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Litters - 4 Weeks Old

The litters are doing will! :-) I have my eyes on a few of the cuties! A broken chesnut buck from Cinnamon & and Broken Opal Doe from Ice. I also really like the broken opal buck, but since he's unshowable I don't really have room to grow him out just to breed him & I can always repeat the breeding. The broken opal doe is soooo cobby, it's amazing. She doesn't have as much head as her sister, but her's is not bad at all! The broken chesnut is incredibly thick & compact. He should help with a few things in my line I've been wanting to add. I want to rebreed Cinnamon back to Sundance, this time hoping for a bigger litter as well as some chocolates!

On another note, Dusty & Starlight are due to kindle this monday. I am excited to see what they have! I have given them nests already & they have been working! lol. I am excited for some more babies from these does, they produce very nice stock. I will that these babies available with me at the Paso Robles show in April, if anyone's interested. I'm only planning on keeping one baby, if that.

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