Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Rabbitry Happenings

I am going to update the website within the next few days. I need to update the breedings, juniors, nursery, and links pages. I also have to make a page for Dusty's litter, but I am hoping to do that this weekend.

Speaking of Dusty's babies, they are doing great! Last time I check, all but one are bucks ;) *sighs* Oh well, these babies are cute! I really like the solid opal, I might be looking at one of my future herd bucks, if his body turns out nicely. I swear, agoutis have been my breeding luck for the last 8 months lol. I should say "Unintentionally specializing in Agoutis"

I just rebred Cinnamon to Sundance. I am crossing my fingers for a nice doe replacement for her! :D

Muchi, my broken opal buck, went to live with Yu. Trixie and Dallas are going to live with Amy Stewart and family :-) I am sure they will love their new additions.

I am trying to figure what seniors I am going to be selling. Let me know if you are interested in some of my senior does, or possibly a broken buck.

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Anonymous said...

Dusty should be a grandma soon... Butter palpated positively :)