Friday, August 28, 2009


After contemplating for many months, I have decided that I no longer derive the same joy for the Mini Lops that I once had. For the past few months now, a new flame has captivated my mind, and that is with the Jersey Wooly rabbit. Their smaller size is more complimentary to my cages, and the wool is a new experience that I am constantly amazed by. Of course, I will retain a small number of my Mini Lops, but will just cut down to 5-6. Watch out for the sales list, which I will be posting within the next two weeks.

With all this extra room, I will be venturing further into Jersey Woolies. I already have BEWs but would like a new group to add as well, one that is less time consuming that the BEWs. That being said, after lots of thought, I have decided on pursuing Broken & Self/Shaded groups. I know, you're thinking "That's 3 groups!", but all the colors are harmonious together and they will not hinder one another. I have already selected a buck and am in the process of acquiring two does. I will post pictures soon. Speaking of pictures, I also need to get pictures of lots of new bunnies. Hopefully tomorrow.

My first week of school sped by rapidly but not unpleasantly. I will be busy this year, more so than ever before. I am anxious to immerse myself one last time in high school activities, I will try to savor the experiences, since I will no longer be able to repeat them.

- Michael

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