Sunday, August 23, 2009

San Bernadino Show

The show was TONS of fun! Very relaxed and enjoyable. I went with the Votaws (thanks for the ride! :)) and went with 7 bunnies and came home with 5 so that was nice. My rabbits did okay, my sjb, Triton, was really liked by ARBA judge Linda Bell and Casey, my BEW Wooly senior buck, won BOB in one of the shows for his second leg. In the other shows he was 2nd to the BOB/BOSB winner. :) I also got to see lots of people that I rarely get to see (like the wonderful Teri Reymann and Berlena Reynolds!) and since I didn't have any bunnies to sell I got to do a lot more socializing/clerking than normal. :)

Today Jayden, a BEW Wooly junior buck, left for his new home! I hope Laura and family enjoys him. Now that means I've got rid of all of my for sale animals, I won't have anything available until Convention. :( While there, I am planning on a HUGE Mini Lop herd reduction, so watch out for a sales list.

- Michael

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