Friday, April 16, 2010

Spring is in Full Swing

Yes, Spring is definitely here and I think my does are aware of this!

On 4/13/10, Velotta's Bella kindled 8 healthy babies, sired by GC Silent Spring's Triton. I bred Triton to Bella right before I sold him, so these babies are really special to me since they're my only Triton babies! There are 6 Brokens and 2 Solids - all agoutis. They are all fat and sassy except for one of the runty Brokens.

Then, on 4/14/10, White Oak's Wanda kindled to 4 bouncing babies, sired by Bluestar's Edmund! I was really pleased that Wanda did everything right, since her last litter froze. :( It looks like there's 1 Broken (Unshowable) and 3 Solids. All appear to be otters - the broken looks black, while the solids look blue. Exciting, I love Blue Otters!

I fostered the runt of Bella's litter over to Wanda, since she seems to be a heavy milker. I'll try and get some pictures in a few days!

BTW, I have several animals available, check out the "For Sale" page on my website!

- Michael