Thursday, August 9, 2007

Upcoming Breedings

Here are some breedings that I'm planning to do soon =)

August 15th -

Velotta's Raymond, RGC, 6 Legs X AW's Merlot, RGC, 4 Legs
I'm expecting some really typey little bunnies in black and blue bases =) Should be gorgeous kids with some awesome heads! This will be Raymond's last litter here before he heads of to TN to live with Nora of Nora's Flop Shop =)

September 22nd -

MGM's Wyatt Earp, RGC, 30 Legs, 4 BIS X Milkhouse's Dusty, R, 1 Leg

There are BIS winners on both of their pedigrees, hopefully this match will give me one of my own =) I'm expecting shaded and blue bases with some pretty awesome type =) Both of these bunnies are very, very nicely typed and I'm just so excited to breed these two! This will be a Coop breeding between me and Shianne of MGM Rabbitry =) Thanks so much Shianne for letting me have this breeding!

I am also contemplating breeding a doe to JT's Purple Haze before he leaves in October. I think i might breed him to Blue Ice, but I'm not sure I want to risk getting tons of charlies. They should mesh well together, they're type is very complementary =)

BTW - I have updated the website, I just haven't updated the front page lol

Silent Springs Rabbitry

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