Saturday, August 4, 2007

News n' Such

Sorry for my lack of activity with this blog lately, I've been a bit busy!

Morning Mist's litter is doing great. We are going to sell the little black chin buck, to a new Mini Lop breeder to help her out with her herd =) I'm sure he'll do great things for her! We are still keeping his two sisters, SSR's Emma and SSR's Hannah, since they will be replacements for their mom. I was really excited with just the overall quality of this litter, I'm still happy with my choice of a herdsire for this fall. I have a feeling Sundance will not let me down =)

We will hopefully be getting a new doe here soon, via a trade from Qadoshyah of Hoppin Herd of Hares! Her name is AW's Merlot, a silver tipped black steel doe originally from Amy Wright. She's a lovely RGC doe with 4 legs. I'm excited to get this girl so I can breed her to Raymond! Since Merlot carries dilute, I hope I will get some nice dilute kids from that litter! Thanks so much Qadoshyah for being able to part with this gal!

Our next show will be Santa Maria show on September 22nd. Even though it is far away, we are very excited for it! We plan to enter in both youth shows, the youth specialty (hosted by the GSYMLC!), the open specialty (hosted by the SCMLC I think? lol), and possibly one or two in the double open shows =) Hopefully Apple Cinnamon and Sundance Kid will be done with their molts, I'd love it if they finally granded!

I am also trying to get a youth Mini Lop specialty at the October 27th Double youth show in Shafter, hosted by the KCRBA!

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