Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Business Cards!

Since I changed my website I needed to make some new business cards. My original business cards were from Vistaprint and I was so pleased with my original cards I decided to go with them again! I personalized mine with the logo that Lauren Nicholas of LILBun Designs made for me that I love! Since I did customize mine I had to pay a little extra and the original price for 500 of the cards was around $40 without shipping. I did a bit of online digging though and found an awesome coupon and I managed to get all that I wanted for only $19 WITH shipping! It was a great deal! (: I can't wait to get them in a few weeks.

As far as bunny news, Sundance and Steven will be leaving for Washington and Kansas, respectively, in a few days. I'm sad that Sundance is leaving, I'm going to miss his mug! Oh well, I know he'll get lots of attention as his new place. (:

I'm also getting two new bunnies from Washington! From Tricia I'm getting Velotta's Blake, a gorgeous buck with 7 legs! He throws amazing babies so I hope he'll do the same for me! I'm also getting Velotta's Bella, a RGC doe with 3 legs, from Nicole! I can't thank either of them enough for parting with these beautiful animals, it means so much to me! I feel these bunnies will act as a catalyst for the quality of my herd.

- Michael

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Ashley said...

Vista Print is my favorite site for buying business cards!! I got my business cared from here!!