Thursday, July 16, 2009


Yesterday I decided I had to clean the cages since I hadn't done it in a few months and they were covered in molty bunny hair. I also cleaned all the water bottles and crocks and gave a few of the bunnies some little cat toys which they are enjoying. Anyway, I started at about 7 am and ended at 11. The high was 104* and silly me forgot to put on sun screen. Yeah, I am hurting today! Ouch. I also have a very unattractive 'sandle burn' which is annoying.

While I was cleaning cages I decided to seperate Sidney's litter. All the ones I'm selling are in a big weanling cage but my keeper's have been seperated. I still have 4 empty holes, with 1 leaving, 2 on hold, and 5 for sale? Pretty good! (: I am keeping a BJD, SJD, and SJB. The buck is a bit iffy, but I'm not showing much at Convention and figured I might as well grow him out. I absolutely LOVE the BJD, she's very promsing!

Oh, the picture at the top is of Silent Spring's Jessa, a very pretty steel doe with 2 junior legs. (: Hopefully she can get her 3rd!

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