Saturday, July 25, 2009

Weanling Problems

These Wooly babies can be really hard to raise at times! As babies they seem to be much more fragile as a whole than my Mini Lop babies ever are. Maybe this is because they are a dwarf breed, but that's just a guess. I had to let the runt have extra feedings for the first few weeks of it's life and now one of the BEW's (my favorite!) has diarrhea . :( This is normally due to babies going from an all-milk diet to beginning to eat solids. While my Mini Lop babies hardly get this problem the wooly babies seem especially prone to it. This can disrupt their systems and cause them to get sick. This girl got sick on Tuesday and I've been feeding her yogurt to give the good bacteria in her stomach a chance to bounce back. Besides that I'm also giving her oats and hay, but she's not that interested in those. She actually did get better but for some reason she relapsed yesterday.

Normally I don't intervene this much since I feel that letting nature take it's course is the best thing to do, I really want this girl to survive since she's probably going to be the best one in the litter and I was looking forward to showing her at Convention later this year. :(

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