Thursday, July 5, 2007

What does my herd consist of ?

For those of you that don't know, I do post pictures of every rabbit I have in my barn, LOL! Here's a list of everything currently in the rabbitry -

Senior Bucks - 3

**Velotta's Raymond, RGC, 6 Legs, Broken Opal
**JT's Purple Haze, RGC, 3 Legs, Broken Lilac
**SSR's Sundance Kid, R, 3 Legs, Opal

Senior Does - 6
**SSR's Apple Cinnamon, R, 3 Legs, Broken Chocolate Chesnut
**Milkhouse's ZB2 'StarLight', R, 2 Legs, Silver Tipped Blue Steel
**Hoppin's Cookiesn'Cream, 2 Legs, Broken Black
**Milkhouse's Dusty, R, 1 Leg, Blue
**SSR's Truffle, Broken Chocolate
**SSR's Morning Mist, Black Chinchilla

Junior Bucks - 2
**SSR's Chocolate Pefection, Broken Chocolate
**Velotta's Nick, Broken Opal

Junior Does - 4
**SSR's Blue Ice, Broken Blue
**SSR's Blue Moon, Broken Blue
**SSR's Blueberry Smoothie, Gold Tipped Blue Steel
**Velotta's Sparkling Silver, Black Chinchilla

Kits under 8 weeks - 6
**SSR's -----, Lynx
**SSR's -----, Chocolate Chinchilla
**SSR's -----, Opal
**SSR's -----, Black Chinchilla
**SSR's -----, Black Chesnut
**SSR's -----, Black Chesnut

Grand Total - 21 rabbits in 19 holes, with 6 of those being kits

I like to stay around the 15 mark as much as possible, it just makes everything a lot easier on me, as far as upkeep and feed costs concerns. I truly love having such a small rabbitry, since it enables me to be able to give each and every rabbit individual attention and socialization. I pride myself on having any rabbit born in my barn to be able to go to anybody as a sweet, loving pet. Also, I love the challenge a limited number of holes presents you with. You are constantly needing to realize that you need to trim the fat of your herd, in able for it to continue to improve . Of course, there are upsides to a larger rabbitry that I occasionally miss. Most people with larger rabbitry get to grow out a larger number of bunnies and also will always have more to show. I know I could never handle a large rabbitry though, just with all the labor having a larger number of bunnies presents.

Michael Perez
Silent Springs Rabbitry

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