Wednesday, July 4, 2007

They are here!

I got both of my bunnies today from Teri today =) They are doing extremely well so far, and are oh so friendly! They are very promising, I think they will do well at the Fall shows! I *love* the genetic condition on Nicole's bunnies, they are naturally just very smooth and always have a great coat of fur on them! The little boy is gonna be called Nick, on account of me buying the bunnies from Nicole =)

Pictures will be coming soon for both of them on my website. We're going to be having several days of 100+ degree heat and the bunnies are always slouching when it's hot out since they are just trying to cool themselves! Actually, I need to get some pictures of then, Chocolate Perfection, a broken chocolate buck I am holding back from Truffle's litter, and some updated pictures of Apple Cinnamon and Morning Mist's babies.

Morning Mist's babies are all thriving wonderfully! She's doing a great job at feeding her kits. With the extreme heat, and with me having an outdoor rabbitry, I felt it would be best if I refrain from putting them out there except for the night time. I am very excited to see how they are going to turn out type wise, since these are my first kits from one of my herd bucks, Sundance Kid, a registered Opal with 3 junior legs. He will be my main herd buck for this fall, so I'm hoping that he passes on his type and then some! He is pictured in this blog =)

Michael Perez
Silent Springs Rabbitry

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